Being Strong

New year will be

This is The Year

This is the year I will be stronger

She Believed

She Believed

She believed she could, so she did!

anger control saying

Don’t Sin By Letting Anger Control You

Don't sin by letting anger control you.

smarter braver stronger

You Are Braver Than You Believe

Always remember- you are braver than you

positive words quote

Work Hard And Stay Strong

Think positively, exercise daily, eat

keep going quote

Have Faith And A Burning Desire

Have faith and a burning desire to just

positive words quotes

You Are Awesome

Words to replace negative self- talk.

what others think quote

What Others Think

What others think is not important. How

strong life

You Were Given This Life

You were given this life, because you

Believe in yourself

Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and all that you

a strong girl quote

A Strong Girl Is One Who Is Able To Smile This Morning

A strong girl is one who is able to

People Down

If People Are Trying To Bring You Down

If people are trying to bring you down

pick up and carry on quote

Sometimes You Just Have To Pick Yourself Up And Carry On

Sometimes you just have to pick yourself

when life changes to be harder

When Life Changes To Be Harder

When life changes to be harder, change

healthy happy life

Think Positively

Think positively and exercise daily, eat