Parents quote

Parents Forever

You spend years wishing your parents

cousins family quotes

Cousin to Cousin

Cousin to cousin we will always be, a

Jolly Christmas

Jolly Christmas

Have a holly Jolly CHRISTMAS!

Home Quotes

Who I Share My Home With

What i love most about my home is who I

love god quote

Love God

Love God, Family First, Tell the truth,

there is no school Gandhi

There Is No School Equal To A Decent Home

There is no school equal to a decent

Father Grandad

The Best Paps Get Promoted To Grandpa

The best paps get promoted to Grandpa.

Putting Up Walls

Sometimes we put up walls, not to keep

Princess Diana About Family

Family is the most important thing in

The Best Gifts

The best of all gifts around any

House Love Quotes

In This House…

In this house... We are real We make

Daddys love quote

Why A Daughter Needs A Dad

The mail reason why a daughter needs a