Motivational Quotes

people quiet quote

People can be so quiet about their pain

People can be so quiet about their pain,

You are What you Do

You are What you Do, not What you Say

Personal Quote

Don’t Take it Personal

If they don't know you personally, don't

Quote on being afraid

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Dare To Quote

Dare To Make it Known

Power Words

Words Embody power

Words embody power to inspire or

Better things quote

Far better things

There are far far better things ahead

how far you can go

Take Pride

Take pride in how far you have come and

Sports, Play, Kid, Quotes

How Big You Play

Its not how BIG you are - its how BIG

Bruce Lee saying about success

Knowing Is Not Enough, We Must Apply

Knowing is not enough. We must APPLY.

My limit

This Is My Limit

This is my limit. This is yours.

Being afraid motivational

Stop Being So Afraid

Stop being so afraid and start living

Columbus Courage

You Can Never Cross The Ocean

You can never cross the ocean unless you

I can

If Someone Tells You “You Can’t”

If someone tells you "You can't", they

End Beginning

A New Beginning

What appears to be the end, may really