being yourself girls

A Daughter Of God

I have amazing potential. I can make

keep going quote

Have Faith And A Burning Desire

Have faith and a burning desire to just

The glory

I Give All The Glory To God

I give all the glory to God. The glory

how far you can go

Take Pride

Take pride in how far you have come and

I will stand

So I Will Stand With Arms High

So I will stand with arms high and heart

to be christian

To Be A Christian Means To Forgive

To be a christian means to forgive the

know the path of the god quote

As You Do Not Know The Path Of The Wind

As you don't know the path of the

turn to jesus time

Turn To Jesus

Turn to Jesus. Time is running out.

be joyful in hope quote

Be Joyful In Hope

Be joyful in hope, patient in

healthy happy life

Think Positively

Think positively and exercise daily, eat

Faith God

Faith In God

Faith in God includes faith in his

Be still

Be Still And Know

Be still and know that I'm God.

Darkness, Faith - Motivational Quote

When You Look Ahead And Darkness Is All You See

When you look ahead and darkness is all

Real Men Love Quotes

Real Men Stay Faithful

Real men stay faithful. They don't have

Faith fears picturequote

Feed Your Faith

Feed your faith and your fears will