positive words- Im gonna make it happen

I’m Gonna Make It Happen

I'm gonna make it happen.

what really matters is rarely on my to-do list saying

Daily To-Do List

What really matters in life is rarely on

tattoo struggle progress quote

Without Struggle There Is No Progress

Without struggle there is no

life is as bike saying

You Must Keep Moving

Life is like riding a bicycle in order

Grudges Happiness saying

Grudges Are A Waste Of Perfect Happiness

Grudges are a waste of perfect

Behind ahead things quotes

Go Ahead, Dont Look Back

There are far better things ahead than

dreams quote

Dreams Don’t Work

Dreams don't work unless you do.

live goes on

It Goes On

In three words I can sum up everything

keep going quote

Have Faith And A Burning Desire

Have faith and a burning desire to just

heavy things quote

You Will Find

You will find that it is necessary to

dont give up hand

Do Fun Stuff

Remember: do fun stuff, eat and sleep,

be yourself quote

Decide What To Be And Go Be It

Decide what to be and go be it.

be what you want to be

Be What You Want To Be

Be what you want to be...

burning places

Sometimes Burning Bridges Is Awesome

Sometimes burning bridges is awesome. It

the only person holding you back quote

The Only Person Holding You Back

The only person holding you back is YOU.

how far you can go

Take Pride

Take pride in how far you have come and

Dont look back

Don’t Look Back

Don't look back!