Don't dwell in the past quote image

Don’t Dwell in the Past

Don't dwell in the past. Don't dream of

Better things quote

Far better things

There are far far better things ahead

Living in the present

If You Are Depressed

If you are depressed you are living in

Us Quote by emerson

What Lies Before Us Are Small Matters

What lies before us are small matters

Tomorrow is a new day

The Past is Behing You Tomorrow Is A New Day

Let it go. The past is behind you.

Time Disapointment

Disappointment by Mark Twain

In 20 years, You will be more

eye cockeyed funny quote

One Eye On Yesterday, One Eye On Tomorrow

If you have one eye on yesterday, and

Past motivational quotes

Don’t Let Your Past Steal Your Future

Don't let your past steal your future.

Saint keys future quote

Past And Future

Every saint has a past and every sinner

Past life prisoners quote

We Are Product Of Our Past…

We are product of our past, but we don't